Product Reviews!

Hiya Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been active in quite a while, I’ve been extremely busy with school work but I thought I’d come to you today with a bunch of product reviews of my favourite things this month… Enjoy!

  1. Fudge Urban Sea Salt Texturising Spray

This spray is one of the best hair styling products I’ve ever used. It holds for quite a reasonable amount of time, it doesn’t dry your hair out although it gives it loads of texture (clues in the name aha). It smells strongly of coconut which reminds me of being abroad however, after it being on your hair for a while the scent becomes quite unsatisfying. My favourite way to use it is straight after curling my hair I spray this onto it and scrunch it using my hand. By doing this it gives my hair added volume and makes my curls last a lot longer. Overall this is an amazing product!

  1. Montagne Jennesse Face Masks (all)

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these face masks as they’re everywhere and I’m not surprised. They are amazing! Not just one of them but all of them, they feel luxurious of your face and by using natural ingredients like seeds it adds to the exfoliating and soothing of the mask. I love how they do different styles too which means you have more of a choice, my favourite type has got to be the skin sizzler as I feel it is able to deeply cleanse the skin without stripping you of your natural oils which quite a few masks do. They are perfect for a pamper day or a chill evening with your friends as they come in little sachets so you’re spoilt for choice. I love this product and if you’re looking for a quick face fix then try these out!

  1. Palmolive Gourmet Collection

I did a quick review on these on my instagram (dream_basics_blog) so check it out but I felt I should go into more detail here. My sister first introduced me to then when we were in superdrug and I dismissed her since they are sweet scented as I thought they’d be sickly, so she bought a couple. I then caved in and smelt them and oh my gosh they are the absolute best smelling shower gels I have ever come across. Their thick texture makes you’re shower experience more luxurious and rich. They’re very moisturising and cater to all skin types. My favourite scent has got to be the mint one. It’s as if you’re getting your sweet fix in shower form. This is such an amazing product and I recommend it to anyone!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Watch this space for more content like this in the near future. Love you lots,

Love Jazz xx


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