Get Ready With Me~My Birthday Party

Hiya Everyone,

Today is the day of my long awaited party and I thought to share me getting ready with you. I love watching these on YouTube so I thought I’d give it ago although it may be a bit difficult. Let’s see how this turns out!

Step 1: Nails

For my nails I wanted to go for more chic colours that went with my dress so first of all I buffed both my finger and toe nails with models own ‘s buffer block with created a soft canvas ready for me to paint. On my toes I used OPI’s Venice collection polish in the colour Worth a pretty penne which is an absolutely gorgeous coppery gold and my all time favourite colour. Then for my nails I wanted to go for a neutral colour so I used Avon ‘ s gel finish in I Pink I Can, this polish is really good as the finish is as if you’ve just had a gel manicure. The colour is a pretty muted pink.

Step 2: Pamper & Prep

This is the most important step to feeling refreshed and put together before a party. Obviously I had a shower and washed my hair with Head And Shoulders but as soon as I got dried I lathered my legs with Patisserie De Bain body souffle which moisturised my legs and made them feel silky smooth. Of course I applied my favourite Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask in Strawberry and once that had worked it’s magic I moisturised using L’Oréal Triple Active face cream. Once I was all pampered I felt refreshed.

Step 3: Hair

If I’m honest I didn’t do much to my hair once I had dried it I separated my hair at the crown and tied the top layer up. I then took small sections and using my THX curling iron, curled little parts for around 6 seconds before letting go. Once I did this for the bottom layer I did the same for the top. I then used Fudge Urban Sea Salt spray to give back some of the volume and to set it I used Asda hairspray. This look is very easy to do.

Step 4: Makeup

I used quite a few products for this makeup look. Starting with the rimmel primer I put a little bit on my hand and worked it into my face. Followed by the face Illuminator from Tanya Burr’s Palette, this gave a dewy base for me to work on. I then went in with dark circle concealer and my collection concealer to cover up any blemishes. The foundation I used was my l’orèal true match foundation as it’s brilliant for I perfected finish. Obviously on my eyebrows I used my Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit and then onto the eyes… I mixed and matched for this eye look as I used every colour from the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette however using the fortune favours the brave palette by makeup revolution I used Caffeine Fix and Super Gold for that perfect smoky eye, this was finished by putting ice cloud in the inner corners of my eye and using Barry M Show Girl Mascara to finish it all off. For a subtle blush I lightly dusted a Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in the shade frosted rose along the apples of my cheeks to give me a healthy glow. To finish this look off I lined and filled in my lips with a Barry M lip liner and then used L’Oréal Colour Riche Gold Obsession Nude Gold all over my lips to achieve a gorgeous coppery effect.

Step 5: Fragrance

To finish off my party look of course I had to wear Taylor by Taylor Swift as I got it for my birthday and it’s such a gorgeous warm scent. Perfect for parties!

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed getting ready with me and if you did just like this post and I’ll be sure to do more posts like these in the future.

Love Jazz xxx


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