Beauty And The Beast

Hiya Everyone,

On Saturday I went to go see the critically acclaimed movie Beauty and The Beast. It was sort of like a birthday present but ever since I saw Disney were making a live action one starring Emma Watson *swoon* I knew from that moment I had to watch it. Was I disappointed… Of course not! It was one of the most beautiful movies of all time. It was stunning and the storyline was so nice. At intervals I couldn’t physically help myself from crying so I shed a well deserved tear or two. Honestly it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long whole,  it was just as good as the live action Cinderella.

My favourite character had obviously got to be Lumiére, he was absolutely hilarious and of course Belle played by Emma Watson was everything I imagined Belle to be. She was practically a mirror image.

Without giving any spoilers away, It was an absolutely amazing film and I definitely recommend it to anyone as it’s a stunning story and an absolute feel good movie. I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Love you all loads,

Love Jazz xxx


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