What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hiya Everyone,

As you may of guessed, Today was my 16th birthday and honestly it has been absolutely amazing. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been and I’ve got a big birthday party awaiting on Saturday. I thought I’d share with you everything I received from my gorgeous friends and family and I wanted to thank you all for my generous birthday messages xxx

DISCLAIMER // I wanted to put it out there that I’m in no way shape or form trying to brag. For me personally I love to see what other people have got for their birthday ♡♡♡


Oh my gosh; I got some absolutely stunning things from all of my amazing friends and honestly I feel so grateful. I love them all to pieces. My best friend (lets call her Nugget) bought me a nomination bracelet with a little star upon it as she knows how much I love stars. I literally had tears in my eyes when I opened it. And my other bestie got me a dollie ring from in the pink which is absolutely stunning. From my other besties I got some delicious chocolates and some lip products, a box of Bath bombs (I can’t even), a Patisserie de bain gift set and a gorgeous candle that smells divine. I can’t thank them all enough!!


My two sisters and brother bought me an absolutely gorgeous silk, grey top. And it Is absolutely stunning, it’s one of those tops which are very versatile and easy to wear. I’ve already got outfit plans ready.


I was absolutely spoilt here. Everything is so beautiful. From my two aunties, uncles and nana and granddad; I was gifted a skinny wrist bracelet personalised with my name on it. It is absolutely beautiful. I also got a liquid gold eyeshadow from NYX which is to die for. From my auntie, uncle and cousins I got a gorgeous bath bomb, a birthstone angel badge which is just the most precious thing ever and also a nomination charm which has my initial on it. Also from a family friend I got a pair of white gold earrings from HM samuel which are so pretty.


This has got to be the most exciting thing ever!!! From my dad I got a Taylor Swift perfume set ( I know right ). Also he’s taking me out for a posh meal on Friday night after my fitness class. And from my mum I got an absolutely gorgeous rose gold dress which I am for definite going to wear for my party and…. she’s taking me to flipping London for the Harry Potter studios and Mama Mia!!!! I not lying, I couldn’t breath when I saw it and I’m still rather speechless. It’s the best surprise ever!!

And that’s everything for what I got for my birthday, I hope you enjoyed it. Love you all lots,

Love Jazz xxx


One Comment Add yours

  1. janahpinku says:

    Happy Birthday to you. And the Taylor Swift perfume set, I’M SCREAMING! You are so lucky. So happy for you! 💕


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