New Season Must-Haves

Hiya Everyone,

Due to it being only 6 days until it’s officially springtime I felt I should do a season must haves. With its pink hues, fresh air, newly grown flowers; Spring is the perfect transition into summer. Although I’m really an Autumn/Winter type girl, I feel it’s best to embrace this gorgeous refreshing season as of course it only comes once a year.

Flower Crowns

These gorgeous feminine touches are perfect for everyday wear and are super tumblr style. They are amazing especially for festivals however, they add a lovely touch to your dewy skin and outfit. I’ve had my eye on this one as it’s super chic and pretty. Etsy also do some amazing ones on their app or website.

A Denim Jacket

I cannot stress enough how denim jackets put an outfit together. They can make your Spring look go from meh to gorgeous. Most of them are really light and not bulky at all meaning that they’re easy to wear and will keep you warm without you overheating. This one from Asos is brilliant for this as it makes your outfit look put together.

Costa Coffee

I know this one will seem a bit strange but surely no one can go through Spring without having at least 100 million Costa coffees (an exaggeration; I know) and I’m pretty certain they’re going to start to bring back their coolers. Mine favourite is obviously raspberry and white chocolate cooler with extra cream. You can’t go wrong with a good coffee.

A Bright Lipstick 

This is unavoidable this spring. Bright lipsticks are everywhere at the minute and I could talk about them for hours on end. If you choose the perfect colour, they can put both your makeup and your outfit together which is obviously perfect. If you haven’t read my NYX soft matte lip review of Milan then check it out. Also Clinique ‘s crayon chubby sticks have got some great colours perfect for the transition into Spring. Benefit have then brought out some 2 in 1 lipstick and liner which are absolutely gorgeous to wear.

A Pair of Sunglasses

Another strange one but definitely worth it. The sun’s going to be shining a lot more so it’s important to protect your eyes whilst looking chic all at the same time. I’m not talking aviator sunglasses, not just yet, I mean a gorgeous pair of wide rimmed sunnies. Perhaps these from river island or these pretty ones from ray ban.

So that’s it for my season must haves. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

What’s your recommendations for this season?

Love Jazz xxx 


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