A March To Do List ☆

Hiya Everyone,

It’s coming to the end of February and it’s time to sort my life out, as I’m coming closer and closer to my exams, realisation has hit on how much work is ahead of me. So I’ve made a March to do list that brings together recreational and educational tasks that I want to have achieved by the end of the month. I hope you enjoy;

1. Complete writing all of my study notes: If I’m honest this task should of been completed a month ago but me being me I have tried to hold it off for as long as possible and now I regret it. These past few days I’ve done lots of my notes and it’s made me feel much more organised so that’s one thing I have to do.

2. Pass my mock exams: My mocks are in three weeks and I would love to get higher grades in them than I did in my December mocks, especially in english literature. It’s my sole goal at the minute and I’m hoping to achieve it.

3. Throw the best party: My birthday falls during the mock exams so I decided to throw my birthday party just after them. Since it’s after all the hard work period, I want it to be a time to just relax and enjoy after everything, so hopefully *fingers crossed* it will be.

4. Stop stressing about petty things and just chill: Personally, I stress a lot. About family, friends, school and my problems. I need to stop doing that and just embrace everything as I know it’ll make me feel like a better person.

5. Take up a new hobby: Recently I’ve joined etsy and 21 buttons. These are fashion apps and you guys know I love to design fashion. So I didn’t know if to do more professional fashion designs and sell them on etsy for low prices. What do you think? And on 21 buttons I’m going to start to share my outfits to give you all some style inspo.

6. Get a part – time job: As soon as my birthday hits I’m able to get a part – time job. I’m aiming for a cute Café or working in a restaurant as I feel they’d be the easiest to fit around studying. I love working (weird I know) and I really want a job so hopefully it’ll happen.

7. Post more on my blog: This has perhaps already been done, but I absolutely love posting on here and my Instagram. I love writing for people’s enjoyment so I’m going to do more with my blog in the next few months so watch this space!

8. Get out and about more: I’m going to put this straight, I’m a hermit crab. I stay up in my room and just do nothing, when I could be out and about enjoying life and spending time with my friends. I don’t do barely anything anymore and I feel like I should.

9. Stop procrastinating: I’m so bad for this, I say I’m going to get something done but then hold it off for another hour which isn’t good at all. I’m getting better but it’s still not as good as I should be. I’ve been watching on YouTube ways to stop it and if I’m honest it’s helped a lot.

10. Save up for new makeup and clothing: This is more of a stupid one but yeah… I love makeup and clothing and recently just so much gorgeous things have come out. Nars, Too faced, eyelure, M.A.C, Charlotte Tilbury *swoon*. I love it all and I’ve got prom coming up soon so I would like some new makeup for that. Plus I love reviewing new products for you guys. So I’ve got my savings pot at the ready.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post; what are your March goals? 

Love Jazz xxx


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