Stereotypes (And everything wrong about them)

Hiya Everyone,

Recently there’s been lots in the news about different ethnicity ‘s and racism towards them. They’re mainly only stating everything bad about the group of people therefore encouraging others to feel the same way about these people when in fact they should be embracing them. This is called stereotyping and it’s when a person or group of people are targeted such as genders, age groups, social groups, religions and different cultures. Stereotyping is wrong and hurtful to the people involved.

One of the main types of this is gender stereotypes. For example women are seen to be very domestic however, men are seen to earn the money and support the family. When in fact these roles should be fitting for both genders. People are called out and labelled for this which in reality is pathetic and shows insecurities. Posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms seem to be encouraging it as people can post a status labelling someone and it gets shared, becoming viral and spreading the negativity.

Another example of stereotyping is through age, especially with teenagers. Due to social media, magazines and newspaper articles teenagers are being represented to be uneducated and associated a lot with crime. This is only the small minority, most of us are well educated and respect everything around us. But since we have this negative stereotype always following us it limits our chances of getting a job or a future since all our employers see are the negative words being written in an article or popping up on their computer screens. This Is Wrong! Thanks to this negative betrayal it is ruining someones chances.

One other type of stereotyping is the ones of different ethnicities, religions or cultures. This links back to America when people were targeted due to the colour of their skin. It is exactly the way it is now. I’ve noticed recently that when a newspaper talks about recent attacks or another religion, most of the time they only show a negative portrayal of them. Most people read an article and believe every single word, others debate it. Either way it is feeding negative thoughts into the other person’s head making them feel a negative vibe towards them. So if in the street or on TV they pass someone of that certain ethnicity they’ll always associate them with a certain subject or crime. But what we need to remember is in these Facebook posts or newspaper articles, they only state the interesting stuff. The things we want to hear, even if they are exaggerated, not factually correct. So a person’s opinion could be based off something that isn’t true. 

This is what annoys me, people being targeted for nothing. Instead of bringing eachother down, we should be building eachother up. Forming a community, supporting eachother. Preaching love. However, I do blame a lot of social media for this, it’s as if it’s warping people’s minds to think and function in a certain way. So I had to have a rant because I feel like my opinion should be heard. You may or may not agree with me but either way I’ve put it out there and it relieves me. So I hope you enjoyed reading.

Love Jazz xxx


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