Revision & Study Tips!

Hiya Everyone,

I know I haven’t blogged in over two months and this blog post is awfully overdue but I’ve been extremely busy recently with GCSEs. However, I’m hopefully going to blog at least once a week now (fingers crossed). Anyway as most people are coming up to their GCSEs, A-Levels etc. I thought I would share some of my favourite study tips for revision that I’ve been using and that’s helped be a lot.

  • Purchase An Academic Planner

This has been one of most useful purchases I’ve ever made. It allows you to organise your time and work out what’s to be revised each night. It also allows you to meet deadlines on essays and homework, and decide on what revision sessions to go to. Overall, this has been extremely handy and I defiantly recommend buying on.

  • Organise Your Work Space

By organising your work space (aka your bedroom), it helps you keep a clear head when revising and fully focus on the task in hand. Also everyone loves a tidy room anyway so it just adds to that.

  • Colour Coding

Colour coding your notes is one of the best things to do. It is so organisational and cute. But by doing this it helps you concentrate on what is what and know which thing links with which.

  • Attend All Revision Sessions

By attending all revision sessions you are getting the extra help needed that you wouldn’t get in class or at home. It also provides extra revision material that has notes on from teachers which come in very useful when revising something difficult and it’s more of a relaxed enviroment. Even if you don’t attend all of them then at least attend a couple, trust me they’re extremely beneficial.

  • Buy Study Guides Available

As well as class work, study guides provide concise notes and explanations on topics. This makes it slightly easier to revise out and about as it’s easier to take in. However, class books will have better explanations with more detail so don’t solely rely on a study guide.

  • Take Regular Breaks

Without regular breaks you won’t be able to perform as well as you would if you were. Take one at least every 30 minutes because if you don’t your brain won’t be able to take as much in as it could.

So that’s some of the tips that have been working so much for me, if you have any more leave them in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed,

Love Jaz xx


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