Venice 2016

As you guys may of seen on our Instagram page. A few weeks ago we went to VENICE!!! We went for 8 days with our art class and seriously it was the most magical experience of our lives. Honestly we want to go back. As the the ferry arrived back in the UK, we realised just how much we missed the amazing weather and to die for beaches. The 36 hour coach ride was definitely worth it. :-).  We would write a day to day diary but it would definitely take a while since we did so much. Most of the time people say pictures are better than the real thing but in this case that wasn’t true… At all. It was the most beautiful place ever and everyone was so nice. Even the Italian language was easy to get to grips with. Oh and the food- mmm *starts drooling over the gelati*.

We stayed in a resort called Lido De Jesolo which had a 6 mile stretch of beach and a very interesting town, which we spent our evenings after going back to the hotel. Even the sea was warm if we’re honest. We snuck out the hotel to go swimming- shhhh. But, one of the best nights was the last one. We had a huge beach party and it was the best party EVER!!! Surprisingly enough though, we made loads of friends with the other schools that were staying at our hotel and spent the nights on the balcony speaking to them.

And don’t get us started about actual Venice. It was….. AMAZING! Absolutely gorgeous. The sites were literally Picturesque and what made them even better was the sun beaming down on them. And the little back streets where you’d find the best attractions. And the shopping- who knew you’d find places like Lush and M.A.C in Venice.

Anyway thank-you for reading this and if you already haven’t like and follow. We hope to see you soon xxx




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