Fashion Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been asked to write a post on fashion since, well, that’s my main focus. So of course I did it with also a few sketches. First of all though, thank you for all the support so far, it means everything to us. It feels great to check my feed and see how many new people have followed us on Instagram or liked a picture, even messaged us to ask for advice. Honestly thank you, now back to business. As you know I run the fashion section of Dream Basics. I used to read fashion magazines as a child and was mesmerized by it all, I loved it! As I grew up I decided to learn how to design my own clothes. At first, it went absolutely awful and I gave up big time. A year later I picked up my pencil and tried again. The end result was beautiful. This made me realise, never give up.

I love designing clothes because in my eyes it’s a way to express emotions and complex ideas to make them into something beyond words.I get my inspiration from the world around me, for example nature, celebrities and past designs.

My style icons= Tanya Burr and Taylor Swift

Favourite designers= Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

Love you all and thanks again (sorry this is long)

Love Jaz xxx.



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